Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Impressions

What an experience! @squareenix did a stellar job of re-imagining this classic and bringing it to life on the PlayStation 4!

They’ve taken the beginning of the original and expanded it into one epic 40+ hour Action RPG! Once you grasp the battle system and tactical commands you’ll be hanging for that next boss battle 💪 Remember to keep strengthening your characters though as this game will definitely put you on your arse if you’re not prepared! It’s a challenge to put it lightly.

The amplified story together with spectacular visuals and cutscenes, right down to the epic soundtrack have me wanting more! Hopefully we get that too 😊 The unknown journey will continue..

For those unsure of the story, in a nutshell > Shinra Electric Power Company dominate over Midgar and it’s up to you, Cloud Strife, Ex-SOLDIER turned mercenary, together with your your band of eco activists known as Avalanche, to bring Shinra to their knees.

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