Concrete Genie PS4 Impressions

This heartwarming title by @pixelopus was an absolute pleasure to play. The story & gameplay bring a totally new experience to the PS4 while almost creating its own genre. It’s so unique, short & sweet, that you won’t want to put it down until you complete the story which you can accomplish in just under 7 hours. 🖌️ You play as Ash, a lonely young boy stuck in a town called Denska. Once a thriving fishing village it’s now overtaken by a darkness, evidently caused from an oil spill that poisoned its waters. When bullies steal his sketchbook and litter the pages he must roam the town to find his missing art. It’s during this search he discovers that one of his drawings has come to life on the walls of Denska. Ash is then tasked on bringing the town back to life by painting it’s buildings and awaking other ‘Concrete Genies’ along the way.

While that’s the basis of the story you still have basic puzzles to solve throughout each chapter, bullies to avoid and there’s even a few “boss fights” – I don’t want to spoil it 😊 Not once did I get bored or feel it was too repetitive. This game is bright, fun and quite relaxing. In aroundabout way it delves into personal struggles, bullying and isolation which are real global issues these days. I really loved where they took this game and can recommend it to all gamers. I actually think it would be the perfect title to introduce newbies to the world of gaming.

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