Death Stranding PS4 Review

Death Stranding by Kojima Productions 💙 After 4 years of waiting, watching and wondering, he has delivered and it is everything I hoped it would be!

At its core Death Stranding tells a story of a cataclysmic event which has torn the country apart. You’re now in a fractured society haunted by BT’s trying to draw you in to the ‘Beach’ or halfway point to the afterlife, along with terrorists and mules to cause you even more stress. It’s your job to link outposts to the main network and help build the new United Cities of America.

Although the story/gameplay may seem a little confusing at the beginning, it all builds to an epic ending with a deeper meaning, something so simple yet beautiful. I honestly can’t say any more, you’ll need to play it for yourself.

There are so many amazing points I could talk about from the characters, the cutscenes, the music, the landscape, the connections to other players around the world, right down to his brilliant style of gameplay techniques where he’ll have you doing something so simple (like climbing a never ending ladder) in a particular location with particular music, which a lot of you will think *wtf* but what he’s doing is making you reflect.. to think about the story and the characters.. He’s pure genius and players of his previous games will see this shine through in Death Stranding.

Essentially yes, it’s an open world game so it involves getting from one side of the map to the other, & yes it has tasks to complete just like every other game. No it’s not just about walking and yes there are vehicles, guns, stamina & health to use and worry about. The only difference with Death Stranding is that you need to manage your cargo, protect it & stay balanced.

This game is pure perfection and although open world games with an epic story that gradually builds may not be for everyone, it is certainly for me and my GOTY vote 👌

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