Team Retro Games Room


Who are we

We’re 30-something year old gaming and tech enthusiasts from Brisbane, Australia. Both well respected in the community and always a face at gaming conventions, launches and other social events.

We love creating hype for products and use our extensive knowledge and love for gaming, tech and pop culture to make this happen. Although our name highlights our love for retro, we have a strong focus on current generation hardware and games. We engage directly with our audience and only promote products we feel share our own interests as well as our followers.


Collectively we have over 200,000 followers across Instagram, Threads, Tiktok and YouTube, with our combined monthly impressions totalling more than 6,000,000.

  • 200K+ Followers/Subscribers
  • 6 Million+ Monthly Impressions
  • 6% Avg Engagement Rate
  • 90% of Followers are Men
  • 47% of Followers are aged between 25-34

Stats last updated December 2023. For a copy of our media kit and more audience statistics, please get in contact with us.





Lover of all things gaming, film and technology from 80’s to now. My background in Marketing & Operations Management has provided me with a strong work ethic and ability to think outside the box. My creativity and passion for videography propelled me into working full-time in games media independently. Over the past 7 years I’ve paved my own unique style for reviews and editing.


Gaming, Pop Culture and Tech Enthusiast who has an obsession with the 90’s. I have a long running background in the I.T. & Audio Visual Industry, followed by substantial experience in Sales & Digital Marketing. Together with my passion for video games I specialise in creating hype for games and products by the way of written reviews, video unboxings and other visual content.