Predator Hunting Grounds PS4 Review

Being a Predator fan I stepped into this with positivity however I was left underwhelmed pretty damn quickly. For those who experienced matchmaking issues in the beta, I’m sorry to say they’re still there. Queue times exceeded the on-screen estimates and I was constantly left waiting for over 10 minutes.. 15 minutes and longer.

When I did load into a game my ping was over 200ms. I haven’t seen those sort of times since the PS3 days. Granted it could have been the time of day I was playing and no Aussies were around but still, it shouldn’t be that high. Now I mention the PS3.. the graphics look extremely aged and remind me very much of the early PS3 era. I’m sure it would look semi-decent on a 27″ PC monitor but on a my 42″ and especially 75″ it leaves a lot to be desired.

Gameplay isn’t actually too bad. The controls are intuitive and the jungle is well designed. I felt like I was running around with a predator chasing me…That’s if a predator was actually in the match. I played games as Fireteam where it was just us running around completing objectives and not a predator in sight. Predator controls took a little more getting used to but it was fun becoming the Predator and hunting high in the trees. Another small gripe was the interaction with guns & ammo.. holding Square took a little longer than other FPS which is an annoyance when you’re targeted by an enemy.

This game has so much potential! Fix the graphics and matchmaking then we might have something worthwhile assigning the Predator brand to.

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