Living with Chucky Review

Living with Chucky Review

Hi I’m Chucky, wanna play?

Living with Chucky” offers a thrilling journey through the Chucky franchise, paying homage to the 80’s horror classic that inspired a cult following. The documentary delves deep into the ideas and the people who brought Chucky to life, from the inception of the first movie, Child’s Play, up until the 7th instalment, Cult of Chucky.

It not only provides an interesting insight into the puppeteering and technology behind the creation of Chucky, but also features interviews with the actors and crew to give fans an inside perspective of what it was like to work on the movies and bring the characters to life.

It’s a real testament to the filmmakers who continued to deliver new Chucky movies without the need for CGI. This documentary has taught me so much about the films and I’ve definitely developed a greater appreciation for them as a result.

Writer/Director, Kyra Elise Gardner, really captured the love and respect between the team too. It seems there was a beautiful family dynamic, both on-set and off, which undoubtedly led to the films’ overall continuity and success. It was heartwarming to see how one little doll brought so many people together. Not just the cast and crew either but the many fans across the world who remain dedicated to the franchise and its beloved character, Chucky.

Overall, “Living with Chucky” is a fantastic documentary that will have fans wanting to rewatch all the movies. It provides a great appreciation for the work that went into bringing the iconic character of Chucky to life and is a must-watch for horror fans.

Thank you to Walkden Entertainment for the opportunity to review this film.

Living with Chucky (2022) is Available on all major Digital platforms, including Apple iTunes/Google Play in UK & Ireland on April 24th, and in Australia & New Zealand, from April 26th.

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