Anda Seat Kaiser gaming chair

Anda Seat Kaiser 3 Gaming Chair Review

Choosing a gaming chair for our gaming room was a tough decision. Comfort was a priority, especially since I spend 8 hours editing videos. When Bluemouth Interactive offered us the opportunity to try out the ANDA Seat Kaiser 3 chair, I was intrigued by its specifications.

The chair I’m reviewing is the Anda Seat Kaiser 3 Series, a high-quality gaming chair available in various colours. Among the options, the grey fabric model stood out as my personal favourite. The Kaiser 3 series offers both Large and XL sizes, and the one we’re discussing in this review is the extra large variant.

On paper the Kaiser 3 gaming chair offers:

  • Full body support with it’s extra thick, high density foam
  • 4-way adaptive lumber support
  • Large stable base
  • Magnetic neck pillow and arm rests
  • Easy assembley

The assembly of this Andra Seat chair was incredibly easy, taking less than 30 minutes to set up straight out of the box. Its premium gaming design combines elements from competitors and elevates them with enhanced ergonomic support, which is particularly beneficial for individuals like myself who experience back pain. With its extra dense foam and adaptive lumber support, I consider it one of the best chairs I’ve ever used for both gaming and day-to-day work.

The Kaiser 3 also boasts a sturdy base and smooth rollers, allowing for effortless movement on my carpeted floor in my workspace. The adjustable height and armrests operate seamlessly, and the added feature of a 165° reclining position is perfect for those who enjoy leaning back while gaming.

One unique design aspect that caught my attention is the use of magnetic armrests and neck pillow. It’s a genius feature that significantly reduces the time spent during chair assembly. The only minor criticism I have is that the armrests tend to pop off easily, although I appreciate the design concept.

Now, let’s discuss the XL size. Despite its larger dimensions, it never feels too big for me. I actually love the size and the additional comfort it provides, especially during prolonged sitting sessions. After using the Kaiser 3 for four weeks, I’m thoroughly impressed with its comfort and support. The premium design and finishes of the Kaiser 3 will leave you satisfied. If you require extra support, I highly recommend opting for the XL version, as its comfortable build and excellent 4-way adaptive lumber support are particularly beneficial for individuals with back pain.

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