HyperX Cloud MIX Buds Review

The true wireless ultra-low latency buds offer a lot for gamers that are on the go. For instance with dual wireless Bluetooth I’m able to continue to game and answer calls or listen to music at the same time. The new Cloud MIX Buds also have excellent battery life so I can go between gaming on my PS5 to taking them to the gym or going for a walk and know they will last 30+ hours with the included charging case! 

I have to also say that they are perfect for true wireless gaming & streaming on my PC. No need for cables once they are connected and it really was a quick and easy process to connect these buds to all of my devices. Plus as I mentioned above they work with my PS4 & PS5. What else is cool, the Cloud MIX Buds work with the Nintendo Switch in docked & handheld modes.

They are extremely comfortable for long hours of wearing them in your ears, don’t move when I’m running and they sound pretty damn incredible. More available on Instagram reels.

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