Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Review

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves combines Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in one solid package for PC. 

Let’s talk about the games first – If you’ve never jumped into the series can you start here? Of course you can. I started years ago with Uncharted 4 as the first game in the series I played and I absolutely fell in love with Nathan Drake’s character and I think you will too. 

Why is Uncharted so popular? It comes down to the storytelling for me then the gameplay aspects. Uncharted 4 is one of the best video game stories of all-time. It captures adventure, romance, family drama with some comedic relief thrown in there by all characters. It also feels like that old saying ‘no small roles’ every single person you come across is interesting and adds to the game. The mechanics are also fun and from the first Uncharted to number 4 the team enhanced the gameplay to feel more fluid. Uncharted 4 offers fast action sequences mixed with incredible traversals along the tropical terrain which graphically is stunning. 

Uncharted Lost Legacy follows the story of fan favourite Chloe Frazer & mercenary Nadine Ross. With the Lost Legacy I highly recommend that you tackle finishing Uncharted 4 first as you’ll get to understand a little more of how Nadine Ross thinks. Personally Nadine is one of my favourite female leads in a video game to date! The gameplay style and mechanics are similar for Uncharted Lost Legacy and you’ll find yourself on another unbelievably good adventure. The game is short however, gives you – the player, a well-balanced adventure story. 

My experience with PC has been great and I’ve learnt towards running Uncharted 4 at 60 frames at 1440P. Although you do need a powerful PC to run the game in high performance settings I do believe it looks incredibly beautiful still at 30 frames on PC. New players I can guarantee an overall balanced experience with both titles and if you’ve played it before perhaps you’ll even feel it’s a totally new one.

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