The Last of Us Part II PS4 Review

The Last of Us Part II. What an emotional rollercoaster ride that was! Although I want to say so much I also want to keep this spoiler-free and as brief as possible. I want anyone who hasn’t played it yet to feel and experience every little part as I did.

The story depth and moral conflicts in this sequel are like those I’ve never seen in a game before, or definitely not to this extent. There are gameplay surprises that made me question what Naughty Dog had done and my thoughts of whether I liked the game or not changed several times throughout the 25 hour long playthrough. Saying that though, I can hand on heart tell you that I loved TLOU2 more than the first.

As I got to the halfway point the gameplay did feel a little drawn out, however, as the story evolved it was these deep character moments and flashbacks that helped develop my bond with the characters. Looking back I can see what Naughty Dog was doing and I wouldn’t want them to change a thing. There were so many chilling moments that had me holding my breath. From insane jump scares with the infected to brutal fights with human enemies, this game has everything the first did and so much more.

Now I could go on and talk about the overhauled combat mechanics and stealth system, or the improved visuals, but we already know all of this. Naughty Dog have their own style and they absolutely nailed the immersing gameplay and breathtaking scenery. It’s what they do. My main reason for giving you my thoughts was to dispel any negative ideas you had about the so-called lack of story depth or diverse representation portrayed in this game. What Naughty Dog has done here is nothing short of brilliant. I don’t like to use the word perfection much but for me this game is truly a 10/10.

P.S. The easter eggs are out of this world!

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