GRID Game Boy Review

Thanks to Gridstudio we’ve had the opportunity to examine one of their most sought-after items, the GRID Game Boy. This deconstructed DMG is just one item in a large suite of retro products on offer.

Released 34 years ago, all the way back in 1989, the Nintendo Game Boy brought portable gaming to the mass market which led to it becoming one of the best selling video game devices of all time. Its simple design and long battery life made it a hit with gamers of all ages, and its library of classic games like Tetris and Super Mario Land helped cement its place in video game history. With its grey casing, monochromatic display, and 4-bit audio, the Game Boy has not only become an iconic symbol of gaming, but a timeless piece of vintage tech for many around the world.

Now as time goes on, these legendary pieces of tech get harder and harder to find in good condition. This is where Gridstudio comes in. Their dedicated team scour marketplaces seeking out devices in need of a second life. Each unit is disassembled, cleaned and then carefully positioned alongside custom art, turning it into a framed masterpiece. Their delivery of the product is also top notch, with every item being delicately packaged, gift wrapped and stamped. The quality of Gridstudio’s work shows that they are passionate about vintage technology and hope these nostalgic pieces live on, bringing reminiscence and happiness to those who appreciate the good old days. 

The GRID Game Boy is a meticulously designed framed masterpiece that brings back a flood of nostalgia for the iconic DMG Game Boy. Gridstudio’s presentation is second to none and they have definitely done the Game Boy justice. It’s a must for retro gamers and loves of vintage tech.

Be sure to check out the GRID Game Boy on their website, plus other products on offer which include the Sony PSP, PlayStation DualShock controller, Nintendo 3DS, Super Nintendo Controller, Apple iPhone and more.

Here’s our unboxing of the GRID Game Boy from Gridstudio:

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