Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Review

Ghost of Tsushima ~ Overall a beautiful game with its gorgeous scenery and well executed soundtrack but unfortunately it fell just short of being a AAA winner for me.

Who doesn’t like samurai culture and the Japanese landscape, right? I’m sure you’d be hard pressed finding anyone and that’s why this game is receiving top marks everywhere you look. I do feel however that people are being swept away by its beauty and overlooking the key aspects that make us question the success of other big name titles – the STORY.

Ghost of Tsushima offered no real captivating moments which connect you to the characters and their struggles. There were no bonds with the characters so it really lacked that emotional investment which I crave in open world adventures like this. Throughout the game you’re also given choices which have no effect on the story or gameplay, this makes no sense to me and it just feels like filler content. I should also mention that the open-world, although picturesque, did seem a little empty. Collectables are sparse and destinations aren’t as memorabile as they should be in an epic adventure title. Look at TLOU for example – how memorable were some of those scenes and locations – that’s the difference. Ghost of Tsushima just blends in and is one beautiful game built for photo mode.

The combat aspect of the game however was fantastic. Give me brutal fighting mechanics together with a bit of stealth and I’ll enjoy it. The range of weapons were excellent and I enjoyed building up my character’s strength and overall aesthetic.

Unfortunately though, Ghost of Tsushima felt a little unpolished. It was a bit of a buggy mess with camera angles not executed as well as they could be, items protruding through other objects, flora texture issues & characters stuck in an endless motion sequence. I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing an issue. These things stand out to me like a sore thumb.

Look, Ghost of Tsushima is not a terrible game. For the most part it’s a beautiful adventure title which everyone should try, but for me it’s not a 10/10 as many outlets are posting. Please also note, another reason so many people are loving this game is because it is rather easy. Not just difficulty wise but also in general playability. You don’t have to think too much while making your way through the story. Literally anyone can pick up this game and finish it.

Anyway, just my 2 cents from an independent reviewer 🙂 Thank you @playstationau for the review code.

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