Days Gone PS4 Preview Impressions

Recently I had the pleasure of playing SIE Bend Studio’s new title ‘Days Gone’ in an epic 2.5 hour session and I can honestly say that I was BLOWN AWAY!

If you love action-adventure survival games as much as I do then you will fall in love with Days Gone. I’ve been hyped ever since playing 10 minutes of it at PAX but after sitting down to play from the beginning of the story it’s all I’ve been able think about… I’m not joking!

Set in a post-apocalyptic open world you play as Deacon St. John, a former outlaw turned bounty hunter/drifter who lives by his motorcycle. As you ride through a Freaker infested landscape you must complete a range of tasks & objectives all while building your inventory, repairing/upgrading your motorcycle and fighting or helping people you meet along the way.

There are 2 types of Freakers you’ll encounter, Newts & Hordes. Both act differently depending on the time of day, so you need to stay on your toes! Stealth is a must in this game & you’ll quickly learn how to approach and take down an enemy.

I usually worry about controls and player mechanics in new games but I had no problems diving straight into this. The menu is extremely intuitive & you’ll be switching through weapons & crafting items in next to no time. It’s one of the best layed-out menu systems I’ve used in a while.

I was also fortunate enough to sit down on the day and have a chat to Emmanuel Roth, Senior Animator at Bend Studio. We spoke about the development and back story of Days Gone and that the game will take roughly 30 hours to complete. That being said, I’ve only played 2.5 hours and my mind is absolutely racing at the thought of what’s to come.

SIE Bend Studio have created a visually stunning open world and the cutscenes will have you glued to the screen. The story, gameplay and love between the characters will put Days Gone up there alongside other PlayStation exclusive classics. This game is the real deal! Initially I didn’t pre-order the Collectors Edition but after getting immersed in this epic game I scrambled to find one to put my name to.

Ink it in guys! The PS4 exclusive ‘Days Gone’ will be available April 26th 2019.

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