Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PS5 Review

Stay frosty folks – it’s time for the MWII review!


In 2019 Modern Warfare was released which saw a revamped take on the OG title. I went in thinking hey, this could be a lot of fun and holy heck – what a ride. Now in 2022, MWII has been released and it continues on with the story of Task Force 141 … and this time they are trying to locate missing missiles. Sounds straightforward right? Well it is and to be honest the story can come across bland in some sections of the game but the action well makes up for any dips in the storyline across the 7ish hours of gameplay.

MWII lets you play across a number of memorable characters like Parra, Gaz and my personal favourite Soap. You will also see old favourites Captain Price & Ghost plus they are joined by a new character, Alejandro Vargas. Vargas and Parra are Mexican Special Forces and I truly enjoyed the introduction of these characters to the MW series.

The verdict – don’t miss out on MWII. The campaign is a lot of fun and with the addition of great characters to MWII it makes up for some of the dull sections of the story. The visuals and high energy battles also corrected any slowness I felt during a few chapters. It’s the strongest of the campaigns since Modern Warfare 2019 and I think fans and new players will be entertained. 


MP has some fresh ideas and maps however, the UI is definitely confusing and I feel it could do with the old “if it’s not broken don’t fix” it motto. The UI for Modern Warfare 2019’s works a treat and I feel perhaps they should go back to it. 

The maps, visuals and in-game mechanics all rock. I’ve enjoyed the levelling up so far and it doesn’t feel like a grind at all. The one thing I will note is that the speed in MP has been stripped back so much so it’s noticeably slower than CoD’s of recent years. I do like this style of gameplay though and it’s a welcome change for me.

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