Motorola Edge 30 Review

After using the latest edge 30 for a number of weeks I’d like to start with its features. The motorola edge 30 is not only a slim and modern design, it houses some powerful tech like the Snapdragon® 778G+ 5G processor. The edge 30 is always able to process large images and video edits on the go – it really has been my go-to camera for all the content I’ve created. 

Now the camera boasts a 50 MP high res ultra-wide camera plus the macro which is incredible to capture up close details on what I’m shooting. Also, the motorola edge 30 has a neat feature with instant all-pixel focus and my favvvvv HDR10 recording. I’ve shot all of my reel content with the latest edge 30 and I love how it’s turned out.

Another game changer is Ready For which can be used for work and play. As I utilise this feature quite a bit I’ve found I’m more productive plus not to mention that I can use it for gaming on my smart TV. It’s definitely an amazing feature that Motorola has to offer. 

The motorola edge 30 also comes with an ultra-smooth 144 Hz display. I’ve enjoyed a number of games on the display which I’ve played via cloud services. It performs exceptionally well, and I really do enjoy gaming on the go on the edge 30. Mostly, I do use a pair of earphones but the edge 30 packs great audio Dolby Atmos® and I think most will be impressed with its clarity. 

So the verdict – I love that I can use the motorola edge 30 for all types of work, gaming and content creation & last an entire day of charge. It’s definitely worth checking out the motorola edge 30 available now!

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