Weekly Wrap Episode 1

Episode 1 covers Nintendo Direct, my PS5 theories & what I’ve been playing. Be sure to check out our complete playlist of weekly news for everything gaming, tech & pop culture.


MediEvil PS4 Review

It’s fantastic that in 2019 remakes of this calibre are being released especially for such an iconic PlayStation 1 game. In this review we take a look at MediEvil’s gameplay and why it’s a top tier must play remake. 


Concrete Genie PS4 Review

Are you looking for something a little different to play? Then Concrete Genie, which is also PSVR compatible, might be the game for you. Be sure to check out our review and gameplay of this PlayStation exclusive that packs a lot of heart.


Erica PS4 Review

Erica is one of those games that I couldn’t put down or stop thinking about. The developers definitely thought out each plot twist and ending in this FMV thriller.


Days Gone PS4 Review

Days Gone by Sony Bend Studios is one of the most underrated games of a generation. In this review we take a look at similar game genres and why this title is worth the 50 hour playthrough. 


God of War PS4 Review

In 2018 Santa Monica Studios brought God of War to the PS4. In this video, Emily gives us her thoughts on why this game deserves to be Game of the Year.